At Cheimona’s shipyards with a remarkable range of boats of every type to our credit every year and our many years of experience, we build a relationship of trust with each of our customers.

We undertake work such as: anti-fouling application, general paint, general covering of the boat, general repairs, such us steel work-wooden work-fiber glass etc. – carpentry, advanced cleaning using the most modern Raycus Fiber Laser 2000W advanced technology machine,

to any kind of surfaces and inside the engine room as well. Environmentally friendly water sand blasting, as well as a complete conversion of your boat.
We place special emphasis on security our space is protected with fences and CCTV coverage 24-hour to our facilities. Every vehicle entering the car park is checked, no work is carried out without special permission.
All the boats during the hauling & launching are insured under Lloyd’s Register.

At Cheimona’s shipyards we perform every job with safety, seamanship and reliability so that every customer can enjoy their boat on every trip safely.